cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry For You

Not in love with your smile? We provide multiple cosmetic dentistry options to give you a grin you want to show off.

White Fillings

This composite filling is a tooth colored quartz-like material. After tooth decay is removed and cleaned, this tooth colored material is layered into the tooth. Each layer is hardened or cured with highly intense visible light, and the final surface is shaped and polished to match the tooth.


Porcelain laminate (often called a veneer) is a thin shell of porcelain that covers the front of each tooth. They bond directly to the front of the tooth. Each porcelain laminate is a work of art, carefully crafted in a laboratory to fit your individual smile. In the hands of a highly skilled dentist, porcelain laminates can provide you with an incredibly natural, beautiful smile. They are virtually undetectable and can dramatically improve your appearance. Veneers are durable and long-lasting.

What is the difference between a veneer and a crown?

A crown is recommended in many situations; a tooth is cracked, has extensive decay or needs extra support because it is weak. A crown fits over the entire shaped tooth whereas a veneer covers only the visible surface. A veneer can correct the appearance of crooked, badly shaped or stained teeth by simply removing only a thin layer of natural tooth surface, helping many to achieve a beautiful smile.

What is the procedure?

The procedure usually requires two appointments. Your first appointment will include taking several highly accurate molds (or impressions) that will be used to create your custom veneer. The mold will also be used to create a temporary veneer which will stay on your tooth for approximately three weeks until your new veneer is fabricated. At the second appointment, your temporary veneers will be removed and your permanent restorations will be fitted and adjusted.

Teeth Whitening

Like many people, you may feel unhappy about the color of your teeth. Maybe you have even tried over-the-counter bleaching products with little to no success. You need an effective way to remove the stains that give your teeth that dull, yellow appearance. With our whitening system, you can achieve that brilliant smile you have been dreaming of!

There are many causes of tooth discoloration. These include:

  • Stains from tobacco, coffee, tea, soda, red wine, berries or any food or drink with dark pigmentation
  • Plaque and tartar deposits
  • Use of the antibiotic Tetracycline during childhood (this creates dark “ribbons” of color)
  • Ingestion of excess fluoride while teeth are forming (this gives teeth a “mottled” look)
  • Trauma to the mouth and teeth, which can cause yellow, brown and gray spots
  • The natural aging process

We use a whitening tray system that will safely and effectively make your smile brighter and whiter. The process involves taking an impression of your teeth and creating trays fitted for your individual teeth. You can use these trays repeatedly to whiten your smile!

Some tooth sensitivity is normal and will subside after you stop whitening.